WRITING FROM BEHIND THE CURVE, Blog #6–Which of my story ideas should I write first?

If you have been wanting to write for many years, it may be that you have more than one story idea that you have given considerable thought to. So, how does one decide upon the novel to be written first, to select from the pack, so to speak? When I first began to write what eventually became Clarity is Dying, I was in my 40s, had left what was already a lengthy career in banking, and just wanted a challenge to fulfill my longtime desire to write.  At one level, I wanted to know if I had the right stuff. You know, could I stay with a story idea, create the world in which it opened and closed, everything from characters to subplots and so on? Because overcoming the challenge ahead was the central goal for me, I paid little attention to the many-armed octopus that I had been creating in my mind over a long period of time. As a consequence, my first novel is in excess of 500 pages, has ten important characters, has several retrospectives over a 50 year period, and seven or eight subplots that propel the main story. I mentioned in Blog #3 that I did five complete rewrites of Clarity, which in part is attributed to my taking on a bit more than I could chew off in my very first effort.  Said another way, why not get your sea legs first? By staying with a simpler plot, fewer characters, and a story that moves forward from beginning to end, you can juggle less and concentrate on the depth and quality of your story. You will, however, have  actually completed your first novel and prepared yourself for the more complicated writings ahead. 

Next week’s blog:  How do I create characters that people will care about? 

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