WRITING FROM BEHIND THE CURVE, Blog #1–It’s not too late.

It has often occurred to me that certain assumptions are made about the typical evolution of a writer.   You know, that a writer, dirt poor, divorced, maybe with kids in tow, works through the night, relentlessly moving toward that best seller.  The admonishment to this writer from the writing community is, of course, to keep writing, no matter what.  On the other hand, there is little if anything said about the rest of us would be writers–the ones that achieved employment or management of a stable family life early on, stayed with it, took on ever greater responsibilities in job and community with the time constraints imposed therein, and never, then, got around to writing that novel that has been bouncing around in the noggin for the past 20 or 30 years.  Simply, life got in the way.  So, this blog is for those whose ages are 45, 55, or even 75, and who still have that latent flicker–no matter how diminished by time–to write.  Above all, this weekly blog is to say loud and clear that it is not too late, it never was.  It is to encourage you, and perhaps encourage myself through you, to never stop dreaming that dream to write, to begin even now.  My greatest hope is that together we will inspire others to join us, and in doing so, inspire ourselves.  Come with me on this journey–it is time to finally release the writer within.  Your story awaits you.

Next week’s blog:  Who are we writing for anyway?

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R. Scott Franklin, Author, Clarity is Dying

5 thoughts on “WRITING FROM BEHIND THE CURVE, Blog #1–It’s not too late.

  1. This is a wonderfull blog and should provide great assistance to people wishing to write short stories or novels. Keep up the good work. PS I read your book. It should be a best seller. Mike

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